Saturday, September 1, 2007

onion and raisons jam recipe

This is a popular Moroccan recipe to serve with couscous.


10 Onions
250 grams of raisons (dried grappes)
1 cup of Lamb or chicken stock
1 tea spoon of ginger powder
1 tea spoon of black pepper
2 tea spoon of salt
1 cup of olive oil
1/2 cup of sugar
2 tea spoon of cinamon
A pinch of Safran


Slice onions
put raisons in water
mix onions with stock and safran, pepper, salt, ginger and olive oil and put on the stove (medium fire).
Stirring all the time.
after 20 minutes, drain the raisons and add to onions.
after another 15 minutes, add the sugar.
after another 5 minutes , add cinemon.

Today it took us almost an hour to write these few sentences, but we had fun... enjoy the jam preferably with lamb is gorgeous !

Samira & Sabah


Anonymous said...

Dear Sabah and Samira,

Thank you so much for the recipe! It will definitely add some more authenticity to my Moroccan cooking here in London!

Tamsin Ranger

lady macleod said...

That hannut looks very familiar! I can't wait to get down to Fez this month for some shopping, and wandering the medina.

The jam sounds lovely.

brahim said...

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good luke

Ann said...

This looks fabulous and I will add it to my (small) repetoire of Moroccan cooking. Hope to see more recipes soon!

Anonymous said...

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