Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another day in Riad Laaroussa

today is sutarday, a nice and sunny day , our menu is as usual the 3 moroccan salads as a starter"sweet potatoes,and green beans" and then we offer for our costumer the lamb tagin with pears and the spices which is so delicious, in the end for tonight we have the custard milk with orange flower as a dessert.

and because in Riad Laaroussa we feel that we are like one familly the stuff as the guest as well , we live every moments togeother so tonight one of our guest celebrate a special time of their life we decide to have a good time with them so let have fun and it's just only here in Riad Laaroussa .

that's all for today talk to you soon.

Sabah and Samira

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! My wife has posted a couple of her mother’s Moroccan recipes at Our last trip to Morocco was in August and I am already missing the incredibly fresh food. Here in the US everything just tastes so bland.

Next time we are on a shopping trip in Fes, (Feb) we are going to have to drop in for lunch at Riad Laaroussa!