Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New day at Riad Laaroussa

Yesterday Sabah come back from her holiday,she 's very happy because she spened a good time with her family.

The menu for today:

Moroccan salads( carrots and oranges, taktouka, sweet potatoes with dried grapes)
Lamb tagin with pears
Milk pastilla with almonds.



Emma in Marrakech said...

Hi, both of you what a brilliant blog. Im going to put your link on my blog, please have a look www.marrakechemma.blogspot.com I think your blog is a brilliant idea and very exciting from 2 moroccan women. Please can you put some more receipies on your blog then you will have lots of viewers. I will tell my guests and friends about your blog. Im so interested in Moroccan food as i love cooking and live in Marrakech. Please place some receipes so i can try them out. Good luck and well done!

Sabah&Samira said...

thank you Emma for your support.
we will place new receipes soon. come and visit us in Fez.
Sabah and Samira