Thursday, March 6, 2008

Orange juice with strawberry

Today, it's good weather in the city of Fez and especially in the riad Laaroussa.
We have a nice view of the terrace on all medina of fez, what allows us to drink a juice cool with oranges and of nice fruits out of place.

1 lit of orange juice
1/2 kilogram of strawberries
100 g of sugar
mix all ingredients , and we put the juice in the fridge one hour before serving.


property in tangiers said...

Thanks for the post and drink. By the way, in both snaps, where is the juice.

tia o'c said...

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Good luck with it, will keep an eye on your suggestions!

Sabah & Samira said...

Thank you for your comments, we are
very happy with your remarks, they are imprtant for us in order to improve our blog.

Sabah & Samira said...

For Property in Tangiers,thanks for
your email, but what do you mean
Snaps ???