Friday, September 5, 2008

Almond juice

Today is the forth day of Ramadan there is an environment especially for this month in all the médina of Fès.

Yesterday , Samira left with customers to the market, there were many people, the customers noticed there were various kinds of Marocains cakes to honey (chebbakia briwattes)

for this occasion we will make you a receipt juice almond with milk we take it at the beginning of the ftour.


1/2 glass d' almonds chopped.

1/4 d' water of flower d' orange tree.

100 G of sugar. 1 milk L.

We mix all the ingredient in a mixer, and we serve it cold


Anonymous said...

Your recipes are great, but I was just wondering, why don't the both of you wear hijabs? You know it's in the Quran and a fard my sisters. Salaam alaikoum, your American convert sister.

Anonymous said...

the first comment is hilarious... its like saying, "oh you cook so well.. but i wonder why the grass is green?" it is that irrelevant :) :)