Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Receipe of couscous

Friday is the day of prayer, Moroccans people eat traditionl couscous meal.
Couscous is typically made with seven vegetables and meat.


1 kg grains of semolina
1,5 kg lamb
250 g chickpeas

1 soup spoons of salt
1 teaspoon of black papper
1 pinch of safran
1 pinch of chili
1 pinch of ginger
1 cup of olive oil

Wash and cut onions,chick peas (soak in the water afer day),meat and put all in pressure coocker leave for 45 minutes with spices and 1 l of water.Take a couscous steamer and put into carrots,onions,turnips,and spices . Put grain semolina on couscous steamer for 20 minutes and do it again with a big cup of water and a spoon of salt.Mix the first juice of meat with the second juice of vegetables . Put potatoes, cabbage,zuccihini,pumpkin. Cut into small pieces tomatoes and coriand and add to all.



John Tenny, Ph.D. said...

Is there a difference between 'safran' and 'saffron' ? We purchased a small package of Safran at a Moroccan market in San Diego, and look forward learning how to use it.

Amelia said...

I love the couscous. But it sounds hard. I just through using a teacher evaluation that involved hardly any effort, it was so nice to have something that was easy! This looks so delicious, and I'm gonna go for it, but I sure wish I didn't have to work so hard ;) Thanks for the recipe :)