Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Christmas

We are very glad to write another time to you on our blog .
We wish that you spend a good Christmas.
At riad Laaroussa, we celebrated the chistmas night with our guests, they were very happy with Moroccan folklore and we prepared a delicious dinner with mechoui , differents salads and desserts.

We had a very good atmosphere in the kitchen and santa klauss was with us and brought us many gifts.

Fez is full of tourists at the moment.All our guests enjoy the medina and the neighboroughs.
again merry christmas to all of you and happy new year.

Sabah and Samira.


~PakKaramu~ said...

Happy new year to you

lady macleod said...

Looks like fun and makes me miss Morocco!

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu Alaikoum,
Sisters are you christian? If you are Muslim, then it is Haram to celebrate christmas. Just to let you know. It is time that we start taking our deen seriously because we don't know when Allah SWT will choose to take our life away. Insha'Allah let's remember the reason we are on this dunya, and work hard insha'Allah for the Akira.
Salaam alaikoum, your sister in Islam.
P.S.: Remember, the Prophet, S.A.W., said, that if a person acts like a kuffar then it is the same as being one.

Rebecca said...

Chères Samira et Sabah,

Cela fait seulement une semaine que je suis rentrée et je ne cesse de penser à notre séjours à Fes. Merci encore pour votre bonté et votre compagnie qui nous a laissé un souvenir inoubliable de cette ville magnifique. Ma copine organise un voyage pour sa famille au Maroc et je n'arrette pas de parler du riad et surtout de vous.

Salut Frederic de ma vous me donnez faim avec toutes ces recettes.
Embrasse tout le monde!
Rebecca et ma maman, Roxane.