Saturday, February 21, 2009

One day in riad Laaroussa

Thursday 19 february 2009

I'm very happy to Wright for you another time in our bloq,and give you some delicious receipts of the Moroccan kitchen ,this day is exceptional because the riad is fool, and we celebrate a party of Gnawa for our guests and we make a surprise for 7 women's whose celebrate her 60 birthdays.
In this morning I was going with her to the market for shopping, they choice salad broad beans, read and green pepper courgette with tomatoes.
In tagine we will prepare kebabs with chicken and chopped meat ( kefta).
In desert, milk pastilla with almond.


1 kg chicken kebabs.
1 tablespoon full salt.
1 teaspoonful black pepper.
1 big chopped onion.
1 chopped parsley.
Oliver oil.


Clean wash and bone a chicken then cut the meat into 1 inch cubes a mix with all ingredients leave to marinade in a cool place for 3 hours then threat on skewers, 6 pieces to each and grill over very hot charcoal.
You have a choice if you like to eat it with rice or steamed vegetables.


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