Wednesday, March 11, 2009

08 Mars The international day of women.


It’s taken for granted that, every country in 8 march celebrate with the international day of women.
Really, every woman’s especially in morocco are very happy because they changed their situation from the bad to the best so they did a hard work in order to participate at every field
And to be an important member in it in addition in riad Laaroussa which is the symbol of what women did since the most of them realised their sleeves and hope for all women all over The world the best life and wishes,
Therefore we are so happy to see the light after the ascent of the justice,

following a picture of riad lâroussa staff (just a women's)



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Anonymous said...

Insha'Allah I pray Allah SWT for u to start wearing hijab before u die, as anyone can die at any moment, even maybe tomorrow!! So insha'Allah I hope u can follow the Quran Allah's Word and obey His commands to wear the hijab!
Ameen my dear sisters!