Sunday, March 8, 2009

One day with samira at Riad Laaroussa:

we arrived in the beautiful Riad Laaroussa at 10AM and after some mint tea, we accompanied samira to the market. wa bought all the ingredients ,needed for the three-coursemeal we would be having that evening: deliciously fresh fruit and vegetables, lamb from the local butcher nand fresh herbs.
then back to the kitchen of Riad Laaroussa where we watched in amazement as samira and her kitchen helpers prepared the different dishes. it was great seeing Moroccan food at it's best being prepared and samira explained everything as she went along. we scribbled everything down, hoping to be able to produce this dishes to the same level of expertise later on for our family and friends!
we were shown how to make three Moroccan salads: tomato and aubergine salad, fennel and orange salad and a roasted red and green pepper salad with preserved lemons. the secrets of a delicious sweet lamb tagine were also disclosed as was the recipe for moroccan panckaces and celicious peanut cookies. then we all had lunch together (delicious couscous leftovers the previous day ), everyone eating from the big dish put in the middle of the table. as samira said, we are like family here. when we returned that evening to taste the offerts of a day's cooking, we were blown away: moroccan food at its absolute best

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