Monday, March 2, 2009

The famous soup with Dried Broad beans

In according to the request of Mr Jackie McLeod, today we will give you recipe of the (Bessara) soup with Dried Broad beans,

Before that following there are some information’s about Garlic,

Garlic gives a good health

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt gave a daily ration of garlic to their slaves working on the pyramids, in order to stimulate their will to work, athletes in ancient times chewed a clove of garlic before the start of the Olympic games, and they were not mistaken : garlic is truly, for me, a synonym for vitality, and this does not exhaust its properties :it is a natural antiseptic, its essence kills gems a scholar friends has told me, it is a potent vermifuge-a crust of bread rubbed with garlic will eliminate the common pinworm from young children. Furthermore it combats diabetes and is helpful in cases of high blood pressure.

Soup with Dried Broad beans:


- 500 g Dried broad Beans,
- 10 crushed garlic cloves,
- 1,5 teaspoon salt,
- 1 litre water,

For decoration:

- 1 teaspoon paprika,
- 1 teaspoon cumin,
- Olive oil,


In the pressure cooker put the water and boil, clean dried broad Beans and put it into the hot water, crushed garlic cloves, salt, and simmer 30min on a soft fire, once dried broad Beans cooked, remove from heat and cool. Process until thick soup, reheat over low heat.
Serve hot, sprinkling paprika, cumin and adding olive oil, and if you like lemon jus you can put it,



jouhayna said...

I like bessara
and your recipe looks very delicious
thank you

Virginie said...
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Virginie said...

Bonjour les filles
J'arrive le 10 avril, et Clément sera là aussi. C'est un vendredi, ça tombe plutôt bien pour cette recette de couscous que je connais déjà et qui a toujours été une merveille!
J'ai hate de pouvoir venir passer une journée ou deux en cuisine avec vous.
A bientôt