Monday, May 11, 2009


We use various types of flour for our bread :hard wheat ,soft wheat and barley are all suitable, while wheat semolina is used in girdle cakes. For those organism is exhausted by over eating or an unbalanced diet,Ihave perfected a refreching bran bread which revives the system and is even ,in the view of my family,a delicacy to be contested.

Leavened bread is prepared in the same way but the cooking can be done equally satisfactorily in your own gas or electric oven . if you are luky enough to have an open fireplace ,then cook over charcoal in a frying pan, as our ancestors did.

Dot not worry about the fat content in the little loaves with suet and herb filling. It is completely absorbed by the dough which becomes a tasty flaky pastry. In the” crachel” loaves the sesame and aniseed provide, apart from their dietetic qualities, a very sophisticated, “exotic” flavour.

To be Continud,

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