Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moroccan salades

Morocco isan agricultural country producing a wide variety of high quality fruit and vegetables.The warm climate ensures abundant supplies in all seasons.Helped by the natural fertility of the soil, the skilled and careful .

Moroccan cultivator has been able to preserve his produce from the disadvantages of modern progress. Thanks to be god, we do not have dows magnificient-looking fruits ans vegetables of quite insipid taste,

chok-full of fertillisers, insecticides and hormones.

Moroccan produce has, over the years, retained its nutritive properties.

Many varied and imaginative salads paly an important part in our meals.

I always serve several salads, alone or accompanying meat dishes(Kebabs, mechouis, chic

kens or roasts) to which they bring a welcome touch of colour, lightness and nutritious balance. All these salad recipes are given for 4 people.


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djd said...

What are those squash like on the inside?