Monday, November 8, 2010

Lemon Tart

Lemon tart is a favourite dessert.
Making it is quite a lengthy process but relatively simple.
You could prepare double the quantity of pastry and freeze half for another dessert, if you wish

A lemon tart is a dessert dish, a variation of a Tart. They have a normal, crimped, versatile pastry shell, while the filling is a basic variation of Lemon paste.

These mini-pastries are made in three ways. One way is to have a half-spherical pastry, and lemon filling, while the second way is to have a spherical pastry with lemon filling inside, and the third way, is to have a half spherical pastry, with cream and lemon inside. Lemon tarts may vary, such as they may be sweet or sour.

They are classified as mini-pastries because regular pastries have either a sweet or salty shell, and because regular pastries are usually bigger. Lemon Tarts are usually in the shape of handle-less teacups.

The lemon filling does not have to be baked, but the shell does. The more intensely the shell is baked, the more crisp it will become.

Tomorrow I will give you a recipe for lemon tart.

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My name is Tim Fiverr. Really nice article and I used it as a basis for my class project. Hope it is ok. It reminded me of my visit to Morocco and your awesome culture. Thanks -Tim