Friday, August 7, 2009

Moroccan Crepe(Beghrir)


Beghrir is a type of pancake which is smooth on one side and full of little bubbles on the other.
It is very light and melts in the mouth, and should be eaten with sugar or honey and butter.


For about 35 pancakes the following ingredients are required.
-400g of fine semolina.
-150gof flour.
-1tsp of salt.
-1/4L of milk.
-3/4L of water.
-40g of yeast.


In cooking pot put the semolina and the flour :add the salt ,warm the milk and water and add the eggs ,after beating, and the yeast which has been mixed with a little water.
Mix the batter gently until it has the consistency of a very malleable dough. Beat briskly for 10mm. Pass through a vegetable sieve and add the rest of the warm milk and water, stirring with a ladle to produce a thin but velvety batter
Cover batter will then have a frothy appearance, on the surface.
When pancake is cooked, remove gently from the pan with a, smooth side down, on a clean cloth. Clean the pan again and continue as before until there is no more batter left
Do not pile the pancakes on top of each other they are quite
To serve, heat a good lump of butter in the pan, dip the first pancake without butter on top of it. Prepare all the pancakes in this way-one buttered, one dry-and then spread out on a baking sheet, bubbly side up. Cover and heat in a slow oven for about 10 minutes. Serve hot with warm or sugar.


Petra said...

beghrir are my all time favourite moroccan dish :-)*superdelicious* with orange blossom scented honey...

The Riad Laaroussa kitchen said...

hello Petra
I'm verry happy for your comment because beghrir are my favourite dish with water orange flower....

Unknown said...

Les crepes marocaines sont tres bonnes. J'ai essayé de les cuisiner pour retrouver les memes saveurs des petit dejeuneres au "Riad Laarousa" de il y a quelques semaines, . Un grand salut à Hind, Samia, Sabah et toutes les autres.