Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The first day in American Center in Fez

Today we go back to the American center about study english , it's good for our work at Riad Laaroussa because most of our guests are English speakers.
We speak and write French well, but our English needs to improve.

Tonight menu at Riad Laaroussa is:

3 set of Moroccan salads ( Zaalouk with Zuccini, carrots with charmoula, cabbage with dried grapes).

Lamb tagine with quince.

Milk pastilla with almonds.

Now it's time for us to go to school.

Samira and Sabah from Riad Laaroussa in Fez.


LallaLydia said...

Dear Samira and Sabah,
would it be possible to get the recipe for the cabbage and raisins recipe? Sounds good! Thank you,


LallaLydia said...

While I think about it, can you tell us what are your favorite Moroccan dishes to prepare for yourselves or for your guests? Thank you! -Lydia

lady macleod said...

Say Hello to David and the lovely lady at the front desk of ALIF from me!