Friday, September 14, 2007

Harira recipe at Riad Laaroussa

Harira is the most important soup in Ramadan,we serves at the break of the fast, is accompanied by dates,and moroccan cookies(chabakia).

Ingredients for 6 persons

250 Chick pears (Soak it in the water after day)
1 big onion
1 kg tomatoes
250 meat (cut on small cubes)
fresh parsely and coriander
50 g rice
2 big potatoas
3 carrots
2 soup spoons of salt
1 small spoon of black paper
1 pinch of safran
1 pinch of cinnamon

Take a pressure coocker put chick pears, onion, meat, fresh parsley,potatoas and carrots.
Salt, safran, black paper, cinnamon and 2l of water.Cook on medium flam for 30 minutes.
After take the potatoas and carotts out the pressure coocker mixt it with tomatoas, put the melange with first melange and rice, cook all for 30 minutes.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sabah and Samira

Ramadan Mubarak and thank you for the Harira recipe. I will try it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Samira and Sabah!

Thanks very much for this recipe and the others. We remember very well the delicious harira we had at the riad last month. This weekend Marina and I will have a small dinner party and use our Fassi tagine to cook chicken with olives and lemons. We'll let you know how it turns out. In the mean time, can you describe what it is like to work in the kitchen at the riad during Ramadan? I imagine you are keeping the fast from sunrise till sunset but how do you manage to do that while shopping and cooking for the other guests? You must have a lot of discipline!

Hope to see more recipes and stories on the blog! Give our best to Fatima too!

Sean in Ann Arbor