Sunday, September 9, 2007

One day in the kitchen at Riad Laaroussa

To Lidya and all of you..
In the morning at 8 o' clock ,we prepar a delicious breakfast with orange juce, some fruits, creps, harcha, with fine semoulina, cake, 3 kind of jamp, honey ,butter.......etc.
After breakfast Samira go to the marcket with some of our guests to buy some meat, chicken or fish and some vegetables and fruits.
it's wonderful to go with her.
when they come back at the Riad, Samira prepare the dinner with guests interested in learning how to do it (different set of Moroccan salads, tagine of the day,and desserts).
Work in the kitchen at Riad Laaroussa is not stressful. It is very interesting for us to meet people from everywhere.

Next post about Harira and Harissa......

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lady macleod said...

I'm coming to do some shopping in Fez in October, sounds like a good place to stay!