Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lamb tagin with peas and artichoke

Tonight menu at Riad Laaroussa:

3 Moroccan salads ( aubergine with tomatoes, zicchini with garlic and parsley, sweet carrot).
Lamb tagine with peas and artichoke.
Stawberrys with orange flower.

This night we give you recipe of lamb tagine with peas and artichoke:


3lbs meat cut in pieces.
2 onions, sliced.
1/2 tsp ginger.
1 tsp pepper.
1/2 salt;
1/2 saffran.

Put the meat and onions sliced in a covered pan over medium for 1 hour.
When is cooked take out the meat and add :
3lbs peas.
1 spring parsley chopped
1 kg artichoke
Put the artichoke in pan alone with 2 big cups of watter,1tsp salt,2 tsp flower.
Cooked in médium heat for 10 min.

Arrange the meat in the centre of the dish with the peas in a ring round it and put the sauce over it with artichoke.


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Anonymous said...

When you say pepper in this recipe,is it black or red pepper?
Please specify.Thanx.
Fassi 9diim