Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Receipe of Fakkas

Ingredients :

Five eggs
One bowl of granulated of suggar
One bowl of oil
21 g of vanilla flower
21 g of yeast
one bowl of granulated almonds mixed with grain sesame
flower to be added according to the texture of the paste.
one egg yolk.

we mix the mentioned ingredints all together apart the yeast and flower
We put flower gradually in order to be mixed with the ingredients, keeping in mind that the pastemust not be stiff or flasque.
The mould where the cakes will be put must be spraded with oil.
Then we roll the paste into cigar shapes about 5 cm of with and 30 cm of length.
when the rolling work is finished we varnish the surface of the cigars with the beaten yolk egg.
Then we put the mould in the oven to be cooked for 30 mn.
After we put all the fekkas on frizer for two hours, then you cut it on small piece and put it in the
oven to girl two surfaces.


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fifi said...

Hi Ladies,
God bless your hands keep up with the good work!