Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Part from. Green & black olives, there is another variety which is part violet, part red in color


10kg mauve olives
10kg bitter oranges
1kg salt

Soak the olives in water, which is changed daily for one week, to remove their bitterness. Them make 3cuts in each and store them in a glass jar covered with the bitter oranges which you have peeled and minced in a liquidizer or moulinette. On top pour the salt, to impregnate the entire preserve.
Leave to steep for at least20 day without touching, before using. The olives must soak in the orange juice during this time.
This preserve can be kept for several months. One important point: never touch it with your hands or a metal spoon, always with a very clean wooden spoon.
These preserved olives can be used to decorate dishes, in salads, in sauces or simply served alone.



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