Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chiken with olives

Today I give you a recepe for chicken with olives and preserved lemon


-1 chicken of 2kg .

-4 chopped ognion.

-1/4 olives oil.

-4 cruched garlic cloves.

-1/2 teaspoon ginger.

-some saffran.


-1 tablespoon parsley and coriander chopped.


-100g red olives.

-Some strips of presaved lemon.


Rince chitchen with salted water and strain.

Over moderate heat seal chicken in pressure cooker with chopped onions,oil,garlic,and salt.

Stir well until coloured elements.Add spices and continue stirring untel chicken is golden on all sides.

Add 1 litre water,cover and cook for 45 min. Verify if chicken is well done then remove it and brown in oven at 220C.Preserve sauce.

Boil for 10 minutes red olives and drain.

Put olives into pressure cooker with strips of preseved lemon,parsley and coriander chopped and simmer until thick sauce.

Serve golden chicken with sauce and decorate with red olives and slices of preserved lemon




Alan said...


My wife and I love your blog! Usually we use Google Translate to figure them out, but today, the recipe is in English!

Thank you for sharing these recipes!

Anderson said...

This looks great! Thanks, Samira!

djd said...

This sounds really good and I just happen to have two preserved lemons. Just have to get a chicken. :-))